Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Pillow


This is my attempt at a throw pillow. I had a little, unrefined pillow from Ikea, just waiting to be put to good use, 
a bunch of yarn in different colors leftover from my niece's baby blanket, 
and my in-laws were coming to visit. Thus, a crocheted pillow.

First, I made up a pattern for the hexagon.

Then, I got bored with the color combination I was using, so I decided to make each side of the pillow different.

Then, I couldn't decide how to attach the hexagons, so I did that differently on each side, too. 
On the purple side, I wove the individual pieces together after they were all finished. 

On the pink side, I attached the hexagons as I made them.


Now, I'm in the process of weaving in the loose ends-my least favorite part of crocheting.

The pillow was inspired by a beautiful pillow I saw on flickr, with lovely cable stitching between hexagons, and some contrast color edging.

Here's my current dilemma: 
I need to figure out how to attach the top and bottom parts. Should I continue in the light blue color, or change colors? What kind of stitching should I use? Should I include edging? And finally, should I have a button closure, so the pillow can be removed, or should I just close the whole thing up, since the yarn can be machine washed and dried anyway?

Any suggestions would be welcome. Also, I'd love to hear about similar conundrums.

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