Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yarns Part 2-Expensive

These are some projects that were made with more costly yarn. The question is, Is the experience or the outcome worth the price?

This hat was made with Naturwolle/Muench Yarns BlackForest , which I bought from Jimmy Beans Wool (they send you candy with your order). At $25 for a skein, it was the first really expensive wool I bought. The hat came out pretty but a little big. Was it worth it? I don't know, but I feel special when I wear it.

 This is Noro Kureyon. I think I bought it from Jimmy Beans. It runs around $9 for a 110 yard skein. Noro is magnificent yarn. The colors and transitions between colors are breathtaking. I feel like I'm making art, not a crochet project, when I use it.

 This one is Blue Sky Alpaca Sportweight in red, and a little amber. I think I got it from Amazon. It runs around $9 for 110 yards. The color I used seems to have been discontinued, the closest one now is Scarlet, but I like this one better. It's not as much fun to wear as it looks, but the yarn feels luscious.

Next is Manos. I think this is my favorite yarn. It's made by a fair trade women's collective in Uruguay, and no two skeins are the same. I love the way the shifting colors turn out in a spike stitch. It's a rich looking and feeling yarn. It's $12.50 for a 150 yard skein.

Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend Multi in Woodland

 And Manos again in Autumn

And this is Mission Falls Merino~$7 for 136 yards. The colors are intense and lovely, but it's not that  different from my beloved Knit Picks Swish DK, which is less than $4 for 123 yards.

Bottom line, I do enjoy working with expensive yarns, so from an experiential point of view, i.e. as meditative therapy, they're worth the price. They certainly seem more luxurious, but maybe I just want to think that because I want my money's worth. I think they separate less when you're working with them than, say, Lion Brand or Red Heart. I guess it's just a matter of your project, your mood, and how much pocket money you have.